While some companies can provide aspects of an OTT/ TV Everywhere digital solution, QMS is an end-to-end full-service digital media streaming solutions provider. 

Content Delivery


Qello Media Solutions’ full-service video platform provides the most reliable Content Delivery Network that ingests, encodes, and allows highly customizable content optimization on a global scale. Its capabilities include: transcoding, device enabling, and global multi-platform distribution.

Distribution Everywhere

Qello Media Solutions has built strong relationships with all the major device and platform operators, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, and Roku. The strength of these relationships is key for multiple reasons such as: partner product approvals, launch timings, and promotions.


Rights Management

Our Rights Management and Content team are leading experts in how to profitably monetize video based content. Qello Holdings’ flagship streaming service, Qello Concerts is the only audio/visual music service with licensing deals with all the major music labels as well as nearly 100 other content holders. Navigating the content rights waters can quickly sink ships without the critical expertise. Bottom line.

Serious Marketing Tools

QMS offers a customer engagement platform capable of coordinating and personalizing user experiences, running targeted individualized campaigns, leveraging each users interests and behaviors, and enabling more effective and efficient marketing and sales efforts. Qello’s content tagging system allows for the creation of the ultimate personalized user experience, including the ability to serve curated content and CRM solutions.

Billing Flexibility

Qello Media Solutions’ platform provides the flexibility to implement multiple revenue strategies that combine the power of Advertising Video On-Demand (AVOD), Pay-Per-View (PPV), TV On-Demand (TVOD), Live Streaming, and Subscription Video On-Demand (SVOD).

The platform has a range of billing capabilities, directly charging subscriptions to iOS, Google, Facebook, PayPal, and traditional credit card merchant processing. New payment methods can easily be added. Packages can be dynamically configured on the fly, and Qello can easily launch price, package, or promotion changes instantly without code modifications.

Customized Reporting

The Qello Media platform generates custom reports, giving invaluable insight into audiences viewing history and habits for more effective audience targeting.

The platform captures valuable data and has extensive analytics. Insights enhance the development and execution of marketing and sales strategies. The reporting is highly flexible and configurable, allowing extensive tracking of customer metrics. Customizable reports provide insights into audience ‘watch’ history and turn that into actionable data with QMS’s embedded marketing tools.